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Buying Direct

Would you like one or more copies of Quietness?

The price is $15 per copy and includes mailing costs.

Here's what you do:

  • Draw up a check or money order (US funds) payable to Pamela Goddard
  • Write up a short note with your mailing address.
  • Put it all in an envelope, stamp the envelope, and send it to me.
  • Your music will be in the mail the next business day after your check arrives.
  • You can always contact me by telephone or Email with your questions!
  • Want it sent as a gift? With wrapping? Contact me!

    Notecards and postcards featuring the artwork from the CD are also available. Notecards (with envelopes) are $1.50 or four for $5. Include your card order with the CD order!

    Send To: Pamela Goddard
    Address: PO Box 6886
    Ithaca, NY 14851-6886
    Phone: 607.273.8678
    Email: to Pamela

  •   Quietness, CD cover art

    In Stores! Quietness is at
    Quietness, CD cover art Ludgate Farms
    1552 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY
    Quietness, CD cover art Spirit and Kitsch
    148 The Commons, Ithaca, NY
    Quietness, CD cover art The Bookery, DeWitt Mall
    215 N.Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY
    Quietness, CD cover art Ithaca Guitar Works, DeWitt Mall
    215 N.Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY
    Quietness, CD cover art Small World Music
    614 State Street (West End), Ithaca, NY
    For a great gift combo: Many of these stores also carry notecards with the Treman Gorge art from the CD cover!
    Online! Quietness is on the web:
    Camsco Music Online Camsco Music

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