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Traditional American Songs
From the North and the South

. . . a debut recording from Pamela Goddard
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A writer and dance caller, traditionally influenced a capella singer Pamela Goddard lives in Ithaca, NY. For the past 30 years she's learned traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic and is now focusing on the songs of New York State and New England.

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  • Raised in the boom of the 1960's folk revival, Pamela Goddard ...more...
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  • Ithaca Journal article, "Danby singer captures folk tradition"
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  • Ithaca Times article, "Deep Roots"
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  • Ithaca Times article, "Striking a Chord"

    Awards and Reviews

  • Winner of the 2006 Ithaca Journal Jimmy award for Best Folk CD
  • Reviewed in Sing Out! magazine [reprint]

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    I have deep gratitude for all of the traditional singers who kept these gems alive, and for the tireless effort of field collectors who captured these voices for all time. I sing these songs in order to keep them alive.

    My thanks and gratitude go to all those who have given me support and encouragement over the years. Jeff Warner, Ian Robb, John Roberts, Alison McMorland - I never would have done this without you. Thanks to Jay Ungar and Molly Mason for the fertile musical stew that is the Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camp. Thanks to my parents for giving me life and voice, and to Ted for generally putting up with me.

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